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    Bidar Management & Marketing Consultancy is serving the different commercial & producer companies by its consultancy & marketing services.

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    Our main goal is the long time collaboration with our customers so enable us to serve them the highest quality marketing tools with the competitive prices of the market & in this way can increase their sales value and upgrade their trade mark.


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    About Consultancy:

    Bidar's managers with 30 years of successful experience as C.E.O. now are consulting to the top managers of the companies, holding trainings programs for the supervisors & personnel of R&D, Marketing & sale departments and also holding seminars for their distribution network & their agents.

    About Merchandising:

    The main goal of this dep. Is to introduce & show its customers products effectively byusing the consultancy department's knowledge. They design & produce different kinds of marketing tools such as catalogues, Posters, leaflets, panels and stands with highest quality & European standards with competitive prices of the Iranian market and also it has these subdivisions

    About Photography:

    We use photography to illustrate your products and also get photos from the required locations for catalogues. We do photography from seminars and also do the industrial, adverting architectural photography for our customers.

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    About 3D:

    Our 3D men are building required ambient as near as possible to reality & with the highest quality even they can be used on billboards to introduce & show the desired products effectively by using our consultants knowledge and different 3D soft wares.

    About Design Center:

    Our colleagues in this department also make another kind of ambient by using the real pictures and make absolutely real ambient. Designers are monitoring the European market continuously to find out the trends to create the innovative ideas for designing the fashionable catalogues.

    About Communication center:

    In this department our team is trying to apply best communication strategy to facilitate decisions of customers and to lead them for selection of introduced products.

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